I am taking a break from expanding on things I learned from the book: YOU ARE A BAD ASS by Jen Sincero to revive a very important Challenge for me. The Challenge? Establishing a routine for both the morning and nighttime.  Without the foundation of a solid and structured day/night routine, I feel like everything else around me goes to shit. I’m unorganized, lethargic, and uninspired.

I’m fanatic when it comes to creating routines, and have tried many different combos. After throwing my developed routines aside (not my ENTIRE fault, when you’re an actor and your nights get taken due to rehearsals/performances, you have to really have a plan B in your back pocket) I am ready to try this new structure to get me ready to go Back To School.*

*Side Note: I am out of school. And probably never, ever going back. BUT, I still mimic the school schedule. Why? Because it was a routine engrained into every fiber of my being for the last 20 years. It’s the only one I know. So, I use September as a restart. I do everything, from new supplies, new outfits, and thinking once again THIS YEAR WILL BE MY YEAR! My “back to school” date is on Monday, September 5th. That gives me time to live up the rest of my “summer break” (which is really more of a mentality) and slowly get my routines back in order.



Also who could forget Jessica’s Daily Affirmation?
(Watch this when you feel like you need a happiness pick me up or inspiration.)




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